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Mortgage Loan Fraud Recovery
William "Bill" Rudow was recently appointed Chairman of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators Mortgage Fraud Task Force    
Gang leader and brilliant fraud and identity theft artist Wanda Gibbons loses control of her psychotic cousin who leaves a bloody trail of victims. Attorney Harry Bronze and city cop PJ Cratz have to stop the gang regardless of the consequences.

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William Rudow just published a novel, Dangerous Law, as an e-book. Dangerous Law can be purchased at: Click Here Dangerous Law can be downloaded/read on any common e-reader device or computer.
  Rudow Law Group, LLC is a boutique law firm that provides sophisticated legal services to financial institutions, commercial lending institutions, small businesses, private individuals and government clients. Our attorneys have represented Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and the federal government in matters that range from everyday business challenges to highly complex commercial disputes. We focus on matters that require extensive experience, industry awareness and an impeccable reputation. Our expertise and extensive experience in auto finance, mortgage fraud recovery litigation and commercial civil litigation allow us to provide timely and efficient results for our clients.

Our firm provides mortgage loan recovery services on a nationwide basis. Our unique paperless case management system allows our growing network of Local Counsel and Of Counsel throughout the United States to easily, efficiently and effectively access our case files any time from any location. Using our modern decentralized business organization, and our national network of Local Counsel and Of Counsel, we can litigate mortgage loan fraud cases on a national basis.
To date, we have litigated, or are currently litigating mortgage fraud recovery cases in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and New York. 

Our attorneys have obtained winning verdicts in Mortgage Loan Fraud trials before juries and judges. Our attorneys have settled numerous Mortgage Loan Fraud cases, recovering significant funds for multiple lender clients. We have successfully testified for governmental agencies in criminal prosecutions of Mortgage Loan Fraud. We have trained Mortgage Loan Fraud investigators – including corporate investigators and law enforcement investigators at the local, state and federal levels – about prevention and investigation.
Please keep in mind each case is different and the past record is no assurance that Rudow Law Group, LLC will be successful in reaching a favorable result in any future case.